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Your first White Light Expansion guide in North America

About me


    I started my soul searching journey in 2000 and have experienced many traditional and modern techniques for self-searching since then. I employed many practices and techniques coming from both old and new teachings including Sufism, Zen, shamanism, the ancient Toltec tradition, modern psychology, just to name a few.

    However, when a fellow searcher in Costa Rica told me about The Expansion method I sensed something different about this path. Soon I had my first session on Skype with an instructor from Berlin. Was it different?! Absolutely! I couldn't believe how effortlessly I was guided into planes of consciousness that seemed unreachable before. Without a second thought I joined the School for Expansion Instructors.     I was even more amazed when I started to give sessions. People who had little to no experience with meditation were easily reaching states of consciousness normally only accessible after months of practice. The consequences of old emotional traumas were dissolving like mist. I have to say, the techniques originating from The Expansion method are simply miraculous. Just one two-hour session can effortlessly break the negative patterns that have developed and intensified over the course of one's life.

    It is my privilege to be the first White Light Expansion Instructor in North America and I am happy to offer you the opportunity to experience this fantastic method for yourself.

About White Light Expansion method


     The White Light Expansion Method was developed by Shai Tubali who, at the age of 23, underwent a spiritual awakening. As a result of this shift, Shai became a spiritual teacher, devoting his life to sharing his knowledge and experience.  The White Light Expansion Method is one of the main techniques Shai uses to assist others in attaining a fully realized life. Here is how Shai explains the principles of the method:

     "The Expansion Method is a method which gives every person the ability to expand one’s consciousness for healing, empowerment and transformation. The White Light method can support the journey to enlightenment and can serve as a practical solution for one's problems.

     In the White Light Method we take a leap into levels of consciousness in which we can truly transform our mind and emotions. It is not a matter of believing or holding on to some strong concept, but to move into a less dense or a higher level of consciousness from which we can profoundly transform ourselves. The higher we go into the more refined levels of consciousness, the quicker it becomes possible to change our mind's content. We move into the realms of the spirit. From there, we can change our thought, then thought changes our feeling, and then feeling changes sensations in the body.

     In the White Light Method, a distinction is made between two ways of dealing with the tangle of our thoughts and emotions. The “Indirect way” involves memory-based thinking which is founded on differing intellectual and spiritual concepts, which keep us trapped in perpetually conflicting thoughts and emotions.  The “Highway” involves a transition into transformative dimensions discovered long ago by seers and sages. Through the process of “expansion” we transcend memory-based thinking, once we overcome memory-based thinking, we don't need any kind of intellectual or spiritual concepts to comfort us. Internal conflict and suffering can now be managed through our own power.

     Once we transcend psychological memory through the process of expansion, we achieve true individuality and total self-responsibility. Our happiness is no longer related to circumstances.  Happiness is our own.  We are no longer dependent on others to release us from suffering.

     Our subtlest form of suffering is the feeling of contraction. The feeling of contraction results from all states of conflict; it is like being trapped in a little box. This is totally opposite to the state of our inherent potential, since we all carry within us a spark of consciousness – the memory and the hidden knowledge that we are all destined for a total expansion. In order to break through this state of limitation, many times we use all kinds of distractions and obsessions; we try to forget ourselves through sex, drugs, alcohol or forms of entertainment, such as cinema. We try to get some kind of relief from the state of contraction.The process of expansion means to go in the opposite direction of our habit to contract. If suffering equals contraction, then expansion equals bliss. When consciousness is expanded, we fulfill our destiny as human beings.  We are all like tiny seeds, which aspire to grow and blossom into infinity.  The process of expansion enables us to do so. "

Shai Tubali
When you feel expansion of your consciousness, that is the most ecstatic experience possible, because suddenly you are the whole universe. Stars are within you. The sun rises within you and sets within you. The earth moves within you. The flowers blossom within you.

- OSHO -


Elena Letova

The White Light for trauma

It was a very powerful and liberating experience.
It helped me to look at my situation differently and truly understand that nobody was hurting me except myself.
The painful emotions that I felt for so long were just gone.
It felt like some mental cloud just disappeared and I was able to see it all clear again.


The White Light for trauma

Having no prior information about the technique I was a little skeptical. But Maria is such an amazing person I decided to trust her. 
As she guided me through the healing process I felt I was inside of myself. It was an emotional journey that eneded with the feeling of compassion and complete power.

Leon Alexander

The White Light for the Story of Life

It was a very liberating experience. I came to accept and take responsibility for things which, through this process, I realized have always been in my control. 
I felt a strong sense of empowerment.

John B

The White Light for trauma

I had the opportunity of spending some time with Maria talking about Expansion and had the opportunity of going through a session of trauma healing. I am a very guarded individual who will carry issues with me without trying to communicate or handle them in a way that takes the worry factor out of my mind. 
It was very enlightening/refreshing to realize that as the session progressed she led me to open myself up to her and tell her my troubling stories. The immediate effect of being relaxed were unbelievable and I would have no hesitation to use her for similar sessions or recommend her to somebody who needs to unload ages of issues or concern and learn how to set the mind free.

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Our consciousness bears an enormous, if not inconceivable, scope of flexible directions and motions, and we can delve into it for an entire lifetime and still remain unfulfilled. Just like outer space along with its billions of galaxies which astounds us in its countless possible discoveries, so our consciousness holds within it a tremendous range of possible experiences, insights and subtle dimensions.



Contact me



If you are in the Atlanta area you have the option to have a session in the privacy of your own home

(There is an additional fee for driving more than 20 miles from Midtown).

The price for one session is $70.

Please feel free to send me your request or any questions you may have and we will schedule the date and time to meet. 

The first half of the day is the best time to schedule your session as the session works best when you are not tired.

Please allow between 1 and 2 hours for the session.

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